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Who is this Book for?

An entrepreneur who runs a business on their own or with their significant other...

...we've helped a wide variety of industries over many years and have gotten our best results with anyone who has a creative mind.

Creative people tend to be more fun! right?

This book wasn't written for the corporate world, although everything in it is still relevant, but the style and the practical steps to follow are specifically for a family run business, for someone wearing many hats and juggling everything, from being a managing director to the marketing department, to bookkeeper to van driver, office cleaner, and everything in between...

This book was written and produced as Rock Solid Growth version 2.0 off the back of an in-depth packed course we created for our Elite clients back during the pandemic, when we all found ourselves at home for a little while!

The course was called “Operation A,B,C” and we created it to help our clients through some pretty challenging times.

One of the most powerful exercises a business owner can do is “STOP!”...

…and take some time out to think, plan and even change which directions you are heading and ultimately what you are trying to achieve.

Sadly most people are too busy, too stressed and too overwhelmed to actually stop long enough to even think!!

But, the pandemic forced a "STOP" for many of us…

We also had time to "stop" and compile and share our best advice in the Operation A,B,C course and provide the highest value we could to help our clients and help them fast during a time when many were stressed, overwhelmed and worried.

What our clients did...

Here's what happened when we produced and delivered the content of what is now Rock Solid Growth 2.0 when we first distributed it to our clients:

  • Many chose to do nothing, and most didn't even watch or read the content, but that sadly is to be expected.
  • Just as some folks will get our book and not read it, let alone take action!
  • However, a few not only went through the course, but they also did the work, asked for help and did something.

What this book could do for you?

This book, Rock Solid Growth 2.0 contains the complete framework and process we shared in the course and that we've used for many years with our clients beforehand, essentially revealing behind the scenes the most powerful tools, concepts and proven methods that get actual results for our clients and fast!

With the book, you also get access to the new revised masterclass series and workbooks.

These masterclasses and workbooks have been updated for life after the pandemic!

Plus some additional content and sections to make this our best course ever!

The Results

For those who took action:

One client over the next 3 years netted over £3 Million net profit!

Another, dramatically affected by lockdown rules, increased their pre-pandemic profits by 550% and 650% for the following two years, directly as a result of the framework of this book.

Another completely changed their whole business structure and gained back hours of time every week, every month and every year continually…

Many used the content and repeatedly increased their profits year on year and gained back precious time and were on their front foot for when we could all get back to normal, leaving their competition behind.

And several changed their whole business model for something much more rewarding, releasing what they had just didn't create the rewards they knew they deserved.

You'll see inside the workbooks within the FREE course that comes with the book a website for one of our clients who took and is still taking action on everything we share within our philosophy to demonstrate exactly how they changed their business and life!

Our business is based on helping clients implement the content of the book and as it says, grow your business without the stress, overwhelm or worry, or to put it another way...

How to make more money and have an easier life!

Your Next Easy Step

A sign of madness is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result…

This simple book “Rock Solid Growth 2.0” contains the structure, process and thinking to help you make the changes needed to break through the glass ceiling that's holding you back.

But wait, there's more!

We decided to take the original course content and re-record it for life after the pandemic and we have included everything, plus extra content we've since had time for and this also contains links to even more bonus FREE material that actually works…

PLUS: we share a real case study, show you their website and show how creativity became a life-changing highly efficient and profitable business.

PLUS: you can also have an opportunity to ask us any questions and we wrapped it all up inside a FREE easy to use forever site called

To access the online content, you’ll need a code, which can be found inside the book…

And we do this because we then know who has the book and who does anything with it!

So if you want to change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life…

Get the book and the FREE content now!

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Who are we?

Kevin Whitehouse

Author, Speaker, Coach & Mentor

Kev ran his accounting practice for 35 years, acting for 1,000's of businesses small medium and large.  

Whilst crafting his skill and developing his career he also became a qualified coach and, by default, a small business advocate and mentor and has helped thousands of clients get results.

With the advancement in accounting technology including AI, he can now predominantly focus on his true passion: that of being a world-class coach and mentor to get even better results for our clients.

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Author, Speaker, Coach & Mentor

Vicki is a highly experienced executive coach.

She joined forces with Kev as an equal partner over 15 years ago and continues to add to her skillset, currently training to become a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Prior to becoming a coach, she owned and ran a property development business for ten years.

A wealth of hands-on small business experience, combined with her extensive coaching skills, makes her an exceptional ally to any small business owner.

Here’s just a small insight into what you’ll receive:

  • The physical 90 page book in the post to your door, just pay shipping and handling
  • The free code revealed in the book to access the entire 28 day online resource, 4 modules yours forever, including anything and everything you download from the portal
  • FREE instant online business audit and scorecard also included within the book in the first chapter
  • 6 X Specific Masterclass Rock Solid Growth content with PDF workbooks and action plan
  • 10 X Practical workbooks and accompanying video instructions with Kev and Vicki guiding you through every step of the way as if we were sitting next to you
  • In particular, Chapter#1 lesson #2 and Chapter #2 lesson #4 are where most find the biggest breakthroughs

  • Including inside the workbooks links to a real live client website who acted upon and benefited from this very same work
  • Also, external links to master classes and real-world examples on just about everything you can absorb in connection with sales and marketing
  • A brand new interactive section, for you to drop your questions which are sent directly to our desk with full answers at no cost back to you
  • Plus, additional ways you can get our help if you find the content of value and want to do more...
  • We’ll also email you immediately a full PDF version of the same for you to share, take notes and use as a workbook
  • And a downloadable audio version recorded by Kevin and Vicki the authors
  • Including two bonus masterclass recordings, links at the back of the book
  • And finally, most weekdays Kev and Vicki drop a daily email with practical coaching and mentoring support in our daily email community

Just pay for shipping & handling

We are offering you this book Rock Solid Growth 2.0 for FREE, just pay a shipping and handling charge...

...we could just give the book away as a PDF, but previous tests have proven that it won't help you, because you'll probably never read it.

Human physiology is a bit weird like that.

Point #1 of the book and the course that accompanies it is to demonstrate eventually you need our help to implement everything we share in the book and more and you join one of our client programmes

Point #2 we want to actually demonstrate we can help you, by actually helping you. Take the content, apply even just a small amount of it and you should see a win, meaning you'll want to apply Point #1 as soon as possible

You'll only discover if we could work together by getting to know us, reading what we say and watching a few of our masterclasses....

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